Suggestions about localization and workshop of unturned4.x:

Hope that the localization of 4.x can be perfectly matched with the workshop (like 3.x also need to move to the game directory after the subscription is finished to enter the game in order to use localization, hopefully 4.x You can start the game after you subscribe and you can succeed without copying)

Sorry…but what exactly is the point of this post?

You pretty much just stated what localization does. Which I’m pretty sure we all know about.

This is my friend’s type,he was Chinese language localization.So he’s asking will it was the same way to make a localization in 4.x.Or will Chinese language will show up.

We don’t currently know for sure how localization entirely will be done in 4.0, but what we do know is that localization will have community contributors, similar to having localization done in the Workshop, but built into the game instead.

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