Suggestions for health

Hello guys, remember malaria in far cry 2?
Well, I tought it would be a good idea if we could add a similar system .
In survivor area, we could add specific problems ( asthme, respirations or malaria ) wich would make ( if the player want ) his survival harder.
My other suggestion is about overdose, when taking some kind of medicaments, he can do a overdose if he take too much…

far cry 2’s malaria was, by and large, the worst part of the game for pretty much everyone.


Personally I don’t think this would mix well into the game, heatstroke and hypothermia would be cool, though.

I agree 3.x had it pretty primitive, as in if it’s snowing you’ll be cold (unless you wear suitable clothing). So I think it could be improved in 4.x by adding it to the general weather, so it doesn’t have to be snowing for you to be cold. The same thing goes for the heatstroke you suggested. It would require the player to take off certain clothing which could mean less gear being carried.

Rain could even be affecting the player if the player were to be exposed to, too much rain. These effects could be something like being slower (if wearing a lot of heavy clothing, including heavy gear) The same effect would be caused if the player with the same gear jumped into the water.


Also if you jump a lot (like heaps do in pvp) the more gear you have = the slower you jump, the hotter you get and the more exhausted you get.


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