Suggestions: Player interaction, Vehicle Feature & Physics

This is a suggestion topic, i know this game is a Zombie Survival but we all know it has been a very good platform for Role-play servers in recent times, here are a few features to consider adding into the game for Role-play and Vanilla aspects:

  • Automated Trains / Bus lines (piloted by NPC?) would be very good for NPC/RP towns

  • Possibility to add multiple vehicle compartments with functional seats/intractable features (i.e. Train coaches, Semi Truck Trailers, Trailer homes) to be able to either attach/detach to vehicles or attach permanently.

  • Possibility to paint and customize vehicle cosmetics (either minor or complex) any sort of customization really.

  • Keys for vehicles instead of locking to player ID and sharing with group. (1st person to lock the car after entry spawns the key into the player’s inventory) This would be more immersive and would need players to keep track of who will be the driver

  • Possibility to put in and take out other players who are restrained with cuffs or zip ties into vehicles (for police/bandit/kidnapping)

These are just suggestions but it would greatly improve the game’s quality if any form of these features can be fully implemented
I would also like to take some time to commend Nelson and the SDG Dev Team for their progress of the game with vehicle physics. Overall in my opinion its already a very big improvement to vehicle physics. As a passionate modder behind the vehicle mod “Tamama’s Automobiles” I am very impressed with the realistic physic. Good job guys !! Please bring more interesting features to the game:+1:


Hey…that’s pretty good!
Also, if you didn’t know, Nelson is the SDG Dev Team, and Mods2Much is simply another group who creates curated content are are good friends with Nelson.


You mean he doesnt have anyone else working under him? Well im not really referring to people that help in game development but at least in managing discord servers and stuff like that. Should thank those guys as well, they are probably volunteering. Im sorry if that is what you thought, maybe shud have just said his… helper? lol

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Tbh , Unturned has been a good platform for rp and I don’t see any problem why it wouldn’t be one in the future .

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Well,most of these features are suggested/confirmed,but pretty good suggestions nonetheless.:grinning:

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Could you tell me or link me where i can find confirmed features for unturned 2?

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This is a comprehensive, fully cited list of upcoming features for UII. Anything already implemented should be under Patches instead.


nice thx for sharing

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Wait so you’re the guy who made that bad car mod for Unturned that’s a blatant attack on any established artstyle? Cool. Anyways, as said by everyone else most of these are already confirmed, and most of the others have been talked about before, some without success such as kidnapping mechanics. The automated trains and bus lines seems cool though, maybe not the most Survival thing but if it’s able to be made as a mod it could work well for RP.

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I sense some upset tones in your sentence there, what is the problem with having some semi-realistic models options in the game? If you’re a purist of art styles and very against mods such as mine with realistic art styles, you’re more than welcome to not use them.

Yes obviously I already know about the confirmed features, as you can see many others have pointed out and given me the link to link. Please forgive me for just joining the forums and not knowing Basic knowledge.

Also thx for feedback about Automated transport.

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