Summary of things that would be nice if added

Weapons get stuck.

With wear some weapons can get stuck, especially those with complex mechanisms with automatic assault rifles, pistols, while revolvers for example would never have this problem, cleaning items.

Wind affects bullet drop:
This should be optional, and before entering the servers it would be possible to see if this feature is enabled or not.

I have already suggested this many times, and I thought to myself, being able to have a vehicle that does not consume gasoline or istamine of the player would be very good, in return they would be easily killed by zombies or players.

To be able to connect electricity with generators and transmit restoring the electrical system of posts.

Animals that could be taken care of by the player, offering meat, leather, eggs or feathers (likes minecraft): Pig, cow, chickens, sheep, If you have 2 of the same species trapped somewhere near each other, puppies may appear without the player’s need for automatic and simple mechanics, these suggestions encourage the creation of new groups of players on servers, reducing the essence entirely pvp.

Wild animals that can be hunted, but not domesticated, moose, deer, birds such as ducks, wild boar, Bison, usually walk in groups so it may be common that they appear with cubs that drop less meat when killed, in certain cases moose, bison and deer can defend themselves with the horns.

Potentially dangerous wild animals, Wolves (maybe they can be domesticated, maybe only domestic dogs can be domesticated?), Bears, cougars ?, as they will not be livestock animals it does not make sense that they appear with cubs, maybe cubs make them more aggressive but I think they are unnecessary .

Skin all these animals for meat or leather.

Spider zombie: basically a zombie that can climb walls, it would be very scary to see a horde of these climbing a building looking for you.

Manufactured bullets if you have the projectile, case (these two would be manufacturable or maybe found) and gunpowder (make black powder ?, I think it’s a bit of an exaggeration but if gunpowder is an item it probably won’t be so easy to find), Larger caliber bullets require more gunpowder or more materials to be manufactured.

Completely optional option: Ragdoll dismemberment, does not affect that all your loot can be used.

As well as 2.0 ,arrows are stuck in the supervices that they hit (showing the arrow stuck in the body of an animal / player, it can be caught again without problems).

Gestures like hugging, touching fists, shaking hands, showing the middle finger (these last two would be very funny because we don’t have fingers, so when the middle finger is shown nothing happens, it just takes the fist and nothing else).

That’s it, if you have any suggestions post here.


Can’t speak for the rest, but I drew up a ballistics concept a few years ago and Nelson’s said that while he intends to do a lot in terms of improving bullet pathing, advanced ballistics (wind, coriolis and magnus effects) isn’t currently planned due to complexity and it’d be too inconsistent to get accurate shots and would annoy players.


Overall, i dont see any problem with all existing animals having their cub variant, including predatory animals. As for livestock, i got some ideas that i thought could make it interesting, i’ll maybe post those soon.

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This I also find interesting, in fact, even more interesting than the damage descending according to durability, most likely the strength of a shot is more related to the caliber of the weapon than its conditions, so, I think that according to the durability of if an item goes down, it must become more inaccurate, or, as you suggested, the increasing chance of stucking.

I think horses should need you to feed them, or they just won’t let you ride them.

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