[Summer MapJam 2019] La Perla

After two weeks of hard work I’m proud to present mapjam entry me and Vilespring have been working on!

You can find the workshop page here! You can find all the images of the map there too.

I went all in with this one, the map is filled to brim with custom content, playtested and polished. I would love to hear what you guys think about it.

Here's images of some of the guns on the map!

I love the m240. Its so fucking fun to shoot in insurgency source with a bipod. Just brppptptptptp brptptptptpt

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Great Job on the map! It looks really good, going to have to step up our game next time around.

EDIT: The only issue I have so far is this Debris, doesn’t look very good.

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There is no m240 in insurgency source. Of you meant Sandstorm, then yes there is an m240.

So its the m249

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m249 isn’t in this map. Flagged for off topic. /s

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It’s pretty cool. Wish I could drive the angry triangle.

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