Supply Convoys

Because “bandit NPC’s” are going to be added, I think that instead of getting good guns from airdrops (which should instead drop humanitarian supplies, like food, water, and medicine) there should be NPC supply convoys, which would be ferrying stuff from one place to another. If you could shoot all the bandits, or hold up the convoy and rob it, then you could get good weapons from there, as well as good, non-broken vehicles.


It would indeed be a good idea

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I also think that there should be grain trucks, as well as tanker trucks, which would contain heaps of fuel, that could also be collected from these convoy raids, that would be pretty neat.

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Basically just the convoys from Far Cry? Sure, that could work.

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that’s an awesome idea an what about personalised supply’s that could be friendly and deliver stuff somewhere(a NPC stop) where you can supply!

Never played Far Cry, but sure

In Far Cry (I believe, I’ve only played FC4 and FC5), there were armed convoys that moved throughout the map. It’d be like 3 vehicles, 2 armed and 1 in the centre having all the good stuff.

Yeah, something like that is what I’m thinking of. maybe some armed jeeps or technical trucks and a large military truck in the centre could be nice.

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Not sure how that would be implemented, but sure.

This wouldn’t even be all that hard to implement (well, I’m kinda making an assumption there, but still) compared to other NPC ideas. All the convoy would have to do is follow a set path (typically a road, and this could be set up in some kind of editor fairly easily), have the bandit npcs exit the vehicles once coming into combat (unless on a turret or favorable position), and fire at players until they are dead or have left the area. Then the ai would just walk back to their vehicles and continue down the path.


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