Survival Suggestion List

It’s a small list of stuff I would like to see ingame or if someone can mod it in.

Spear: 1 Metal, 2-3 Sticks, 1 Tape
Damage: Moderate to Low
Speed: Moderate
Torch: 1 Stick, 2 Cloth, Heat
Damage: Low, Fire Damage (Like when you stand on a fire)
Speed: Moderate
Use's Cloth in inventory to refuel after a certain time or Player has to make a new one
Slingshot 2 Sticks, 1 Tape, 1 Leather
Damage: Low
Speed: Slow
Ammo: Metal or Rocks
Tent: 6 Cloth, 4 Sticks, 2 Tape
Placeables, Maybe act like a bed where you spawn next to it when you die

Thanks for reading enjoy this potato

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I like the list, but it isn’t really the kind of “survival” that we want (I might be wrong here or misunderstanding the post.) Survival aspect is where the environment poses a stronger challenge/threat to the player, alongside other players. Not camping supplies or wilderness survival items.

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The title was changed later on from “Random Suggestion List” to “Survival Suggestion List.” I assume that “survival” is to be interpreted similar to “primitive,” or makeshift (implying relevance to the makeshift tier of items, possibly).

Pretty sure that’s how it’s supposed to be taken/understood.

As for the actual things being suggested:

I feel like all of these would require new mechanics, excluding the Tent.

  • Spear would most likely include throwing. To be fair, having melee weapons with either their weak attack or power attack replaced with something else would be cool, but I’m not too sure if that would ever be an Unturned 3 thing. As just a standard melee weapon, then I assume it’d be like a worse Katana?

  • Heat status damage is pretty eh. If actual fire was in the game, then maybe there would be a point to having it do “heat damage.” I guess having it like that instead would negate Overkill, allow for the Heat/Warm status buff and its associated benefits, and be useless against those wearing Fireproof clothing? Kind of interesting in concept.

  • Slingshot’s projectile mechanics would have to be new, I’d assume. Otherwise it’d just hit any object/entity and be done moving and instantly drop to the ground. I assume it’d just be a weaker Bow with more wonky short-ranged ballistics. It probably wouldn’t be worth making one, no matter how cool/fun it could be, when a Bow can be made instead. If sound played a bigger role, then maybe? Slingshots are pretty cool regardless.

I always think that “this time!!!” my post will be realistically readable in twenty seconds or less! It doesn’t happen, somehow.

EDIT: Lots of nice implications that’d have to come with these suggestions though.