Survivors/Cosmetics not saving after closing the gmae

So, I’ve been having an issue of my survivors not saving when I close the game. I’ve verified game files and have tried toggling steam cloud sync to see if that would fix it but neither did. Any help would be appreciated cause it’s getting annoying having to redo my cosmetics every time I launch the game.

Edit: This has persisted through a full reinstall of windows on a new ssd.

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Finally, after trying so many different things I found solution to the issue. Apparently, my character data was corrupted and I had accidentally downloaded it from steam cloud. If anyone else is having this issue, go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\STEAMID\304930 (with STEAMID being your id. If you’re the only person that uses that pc then there should only be one folder.) Move this folder or the contents of it somewhere else. All of your options will be set back to default so take screenshots of anything important.


Congratulations. If someone will have the same problem, I will send him this solution.

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