Taken care with the plantation


Seeds are found in stores and farms with 10 rounds since there is a package, at each station you can plant one type of plant: if you plant a summer plant in the fall it will die, ESTUFA: being when you are found on large farms you can turn on a generator in the greenhouse allowing you to adjust the temperature and plant any plant in any season, RODENTS: rabbits, squirrels among others can attack your planting you can put traps to kill it, WEEDS: present on any plantation should be moved otherwise to plant it will die, TIME TO PICK HARVEST: it must be as it is now, fertilizers make the plant give more fruit and grow faster but not make it grow instantaneously.


Don’t understand the majority of this, but all I know is that if you could use crops to farm meat, that’d be great.
Otherwise, realism just for the sake of realism, like weeds for example, is just :-1:


Farming mechanics really need to be overhauled relative to the ones in 3.X and there hasn’t been much discussion about farming on this forum especially not recently.


I guess this is alright, If nelson adds seasons.

That makes sense.

I think only larger animals should go after your crops (except rabbits, those are fine) like deer or horses. (this could also add a way to attract horses or animals to farm.)

No, this isnt farming simulator 2016


you forget to put something after this?


“TIME TO PICK HARVEST” is the title of the section on how much time before you can reap the harvest.


I mostly had assumed it was a mistake because the passage after isnt really even related to “TIME TO PICK HARVEST”

I dunno


So you’re saying “TIME TO PICK HARVEST” doesn’t seem like it could be related to the time before you can reap the harvest, nor could the words it was translated from?


Im braindead rn, plz dun hurt me


Oh, I hate it when I planted the fruit that’s ready for it’s harvest just 1 day off it’s season.

I do agree with how seeds should come in as packages and fertilizers aren’t being so magical. The rest… eghhhhhh.


I know you’re Brazilian and all but cmon man you could’ve just typed in “greenhouse” instead of “estufa”