Tansfer of mods! Help pls

Friends, I welcome everyone to my question related to modeling, and more specifically about the transfer of mods from [UNITY 5.5 -] to the current version of the game.
For a long time I didn’t go game, I see how the game improved, decided to transfer some of the other people’s modifications that I did not find on the version [UNITY 5.5 -], if anyone knows, please help.

That’s called stealing and despite what you may think is illegal.


I conducted a dialogue with this person, he agreed

What mod is it exactly? And can you send picture evidence? Also did they send you the files or do you need to extract them yourself?

Our team is doing a medieval project, we took the bone armor from STEVE’S MAKESHIFT WARFARE (Chapter 2).
Stream on Twitch, the user wrote that this is his modification, my friend talked to his administration one on one, because he knows English well it happened on his server (Discord) and it was a long time ago, we stayed on version now back and the hosting said that this version is no longer supported.
We need to extract them ourselves.