TDP's Armoury mod

A mod that adds several weapons to the game but also items that would be valuable in RP.

AR-15 With various 5.56 Nato Magazines

Remington 870 Made to shoot beanbag round to hurt the suspect instead of killing

Remingon 870 regular variant

Winchester 1866

Suggestions for more guns or other items are always welcome

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Why did you put in the extra effort to add another o to “to” when it wasn’t even the right “to”. The guns don’t look vanilla and I don’t like non vanilla guns for Unturned. They’re good low-poly models anyways.

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Oops that was a mistype and uhh i don’t know really what to do with this information they’re going to be in the game either way :sweat_smile:
Glad you like the models as low-poly models

I’m sorry, I’ve never heard of the 570. Could you possibly mean the Remington 870?

Haha Yes my fault i made this post in a hurry

Bean bag rounds can be a separate Ammunition without needing an entire new gun for it.

They’re not quite wide enough to look good in the U3 character’s hands. They would look like toothpicks.

Ill see about the width, I chose to give it a other color.
For realism a lot of law enforcements use a green/orange/yellow colored shotgun for their beanbag round. so the recolored shotgun is just for the RP immersion

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