Teleportation through vehicles

ok so u can place barriacades on vehicles and when u press f on them u can get in the vehicles and theres some cool stuff u can do with it :



uhh idk what this is


ok help how do i make videos show up instead of links


like this


Thank you for the insight pork

That’s pretty neat

Ah, kinda makes sense. iirc barricades blocking doors was supposed to prevent exiting the vehicle.

Looks like the method used to stop people from exiting blocked doors is to just move the player into a nearby vehicle.

would it be possible to setup teleportation that takes you from one side of the map to another?

You’d hit the default vehicle limit pretty quick, surely.

Depends on the size of the vehicle and map

(I may be wrong)
Don’t think that’s what is happening there since the loop one has no vehicle next to it. What I think is happening is that floating plates are connected to the vehicles. You don’t have to press F on the vehicle exactly in this case, you just press F on the plate and you get into a vehicle creating this teleportation effect. All you do is line up the vehicles with a bunch of floating plates (or any object for that matter that is close enough to the vehicle) and spam F to get in the vehicle, get teleported to the next vehicle and get out of the vehicle.

(this is what happens when there is no room for the player to be placed outside the vehicle)
If a player is in a vehicle that is surrounded by objects (plates/structures/etc.) completely to the point where there is no way to place the player outside the vehicle, then they would be teleported to a spawn location.

First half: showing the teleporting, second half: even more epic teleportation :sunglasses:

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Ah, your video makes that a bit clearer. I prefer your explanation for the issue


Ok this is epic

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