Texture resolution?

In games like Fortnite your allowed to change your texture resolution so everything is more pixelated therefore giving more Performance/FPS
My question is; Will Unturned 4.0 have the same thing? or not because of its low poly nature. I personally hope not because i like Unturned’s simplicity and hope that graphics aren’t too intense.

There probably will be a setting for texture resolution now that nelson added textures to the buildings and roads. But he will probably implement this also with LODs so depending on your distance from objects, there will be different LOD levels so apart from reducing the poly count on those objects at these different levels, he will probably make it so that the texture resolution is lower at longer distance.

Look at all the devlogs, the graphics are beautiful compared to 3. Also look at the pristine condition road. It is soooo good

which is also more realistic cause you can see finer details the closer you are

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