That geeky kind of help (needed)

Heyo, so I’m making a map but I want to disable the indicator that shows where the player is and where his facing when you check the chart\gps. Is there a jconfig option that I could add to do this? My idea is to host on hard difficulty and then tweak all the option so to make it more normal-ish, but would like that this feature was part of the map itself.

Any clues?

Off, the top of my head, I do not recall this being an option.

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There’s a line in the config.json that looks like this


Under it you can over-write any of the settings that are available to you in your singleplayer advanced tab where the settings you need are located.

If you want an example, this is what i did for one of my maps. The thing before the dot is the category in which the setting is in (in the singleplayer advanced tab). The bit after the dot is the name of the setting (replace any spaces with underscores). Put a comma after every line except the last one

	"Events.Arena_Use_Compactor_Pause": false,
	"Events.Arena_Compactor_Speed_Tiny": 3,
	"Animals.Max_Instances_Tiny": 69,
	"Players.Spawn_With_Stamina_Skills": true,
	"Players.Can_Break_Legs": false
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Terrific, really!
But then how to make so that when a player opens the chart\gps ingame, he won’t be able to see himself just like on hard mode? :thinking:

I mean my plan was to host this on hard mode in the first place to make it simpler to do, but if there was a way to just disable that arrow that localizes a player while he looks on his map, then that would be great ^^

Disable “Show Group on Map”


Something tells me that it will just disable the UI names of people in your group, but I will try thx

It is the feature you wanted, as it does what you want (hiding all names and icons on the map).

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