The ability of Dismemberment in unturned 2


this would work like in resident evil 2 re or dying light wher u can cut zombie legs or arms to disabel theme and make theme harmles

picture are just an example
sory for my english

  • i would like this to be in unturned 2

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I would be fine with incapacitating the Turned, this could certainly add a lot of depth to gameplay, so long as it isn’t so gruesome.


Yeah, dismemberment will be cool, indeed


maybe make it an option for the younger players in this game
but none the less, it would be cool to see parts of the turned fly


why only the younger players?
i think its the oposite since it would be too vilont for kids


I’m kinda on the fence.

I don’t entirely agree, nor I think it’s a bad idea.

Maybe if we could test it out, I could get to a more solid conclusion.


are u shure you dont like cutting zombies (just imagin shooting zombie withe rocket and u see his legs flying in the skyy…)



Why I think it'd be cool
  • Realism
  • Gameplay possibilities
  • Hardcore game experience
What I'm concerned about
  • Performance
  • Audience
  • 2x Performance
  • Possible balance issues

So yeah… I’d like to see the turned types and all other combat-related mechanics more developed first. Then if we are given another demo where this is applied or so, I could get to a finale veredict.


preformance … if it done right that wouldent be probleme


it should be realistic and not glorified imo

edit: atleast for players it shouldnt be glorified and over the top (like DOOM)


im just gonna put this up here…


@AtleSt oh yes gooreee veryyy niceeeeeeeeee


This is what Pesky’s “antibiotics” do to ppl.

My solution


Jokes aside… @AtleSt NO.


hello darkness my old friend

guess ill have to keep that hidden away until someone mentions gore or dismemberment again


Universal option
You get the idea


To add on to this, I think most zombies would logically instant-die and have their head fall off immediately with any gun headshot, and any type of hit done to zombies in the head would sting them and freeze them or even temporarily immobilize that zombie so you can effectively run away.

Zombies in 4.0 should be hard to fight, even in 3.0 Hardmode they’re not hard to fight, just overcomplicated.


Thats fucking metal. I love it.
Definitely add this as an option to the graphics settings.