The ability to choose how fast you go

So in 3.0 there was a large problem with the fact your playing on a keyboard and it’s all or nothing and the cars are automatic. The gas can be feathered since the deceleration with no gas is very slow at first then very fast so to keep a steady speed is almost impossible. I feel that a system should be in place to make it a bit better.

  1. My a uniform deceleration
  2. Implement a speed system

2.1 You could have things be manual and have a rpm meter, this will let the player limit their speed in a sense for the situation, and adds another level of fun

2.2 Add a speed limiter, you could have a system where there is two keys one moves the limited speed up and one for down. Then you could limit speed for different towns for to, limit speeds bases on the road/off-road conditions. That way your not going 80kph on rocks or ice roads.

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If you want to slow down, just let go of the gas pedal.

Not a fan, anyway most people typically go max speed, or a speed there confortable with.

No one cares about speed limits or going exactly 10mph or 25mph.

Speed control is not hard as is. And I whould really hate it if added, because if I need to escape I’ll need to remember to hit a set of keys and wait untill I have to use the other keys.

Forbid if I just attracted a swarm of zombies to my car, or any PvP situation.

It’s really something I don’t want to worry about and whould be adding no fun value to me.

Everyone knows that a console controller is best for driving, but a mouse & keyboard are best for shooting. And Unturned II supports controller stuff, so you have that going.
Everyone knows that the mouse & keyboard are on/off. Which is why people use track pads for Photoshop and controllers for car games. But having a float system for keyboard and mouse would be horroble because you never know when you wanna go full speed to run away. So it’s better to leave the entire topic for when it comes to float speed limits with M&KB

Maybe not caring about exactly what speed they’re going, but if vehicle handling is anywhere close to realistic always going for maximum acceleration as soon as you get in a car, not matter what terrain or turns you’re dealing with is stupidly dangerous. Maybe in cities the speed limit wouldn’t matter, but there are places where the speed limit protects drivers not just from eachother, but also from there surroundings.

If by this you meant limiting speed via not shifting up and staying on the redline, this realistically would waste fuel much faster. Which is kinda inconvenient.

I made this almost an entire year ago and it’s still relevant:

Also, rather than “speed limiters” (which are essentially cruise control), I’d just prefer a proper throttle system for aircraft/watercraft as well as variable input and actual simulation of gears shifting (even in automatic vehicles) instead of the current binary acceleration model we have right now.

But if you want to have a certain constant speed? Then this post is probably what we should aim for.

We actually could use something like cruise control for planes and helicopters.

in 3.0 checking the map or your inventory/etc while flying was pretty annoying as the plane/heli starts to plummet pretty quickly.


Maybe just for plains, and make it the default, since from what I’ve experienced in other games, you don’t usually let the throttle of a heli stay on a certain point. It would work very well for planes though, and could be toggled for planes and helis.

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if peoples die when crash vehicles at large speed? i view the helicopter and the airplane dont is injust a car crash explode or thing of genre.

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