The actual Molton Interview

I want an interview…

Interview @iDrmzIt loll

vertical rpoads

Personally I would like an interview, but nobody knows who I am or cares who I am. So I suggest Yarrrrr be next.

If interviewing more people is possible, I would have to up my production quality; no black screens, less backround noise, and less “uh” and “uhms.” It’s not out of the question, if people really want it, I will see what I can do.

Concerning Yarr, I was told that he doesn’t generally talk too much, so the interview would be text only, which would be fine, but I would have to find a way to make it more readable and not just use the Snipping tool.

If I were interviewed… People would hear just one very bored sounding guy.

Inb4 every regular gets an interview.

Black screen is fine, but just slapping in some gameplay of Unturned should be enough and it doesn’t require crazy editing skills.

I had to figure out how to use OBS within a matter of hours, as I didn’t have any previous editing software that could record discord properly.

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