The effects of Infection

Between 50 and 40 percent, you will start to cough. Between 40 and 30 percent, you will start to sneeze and will have a tint of green on your skin. Between 30 and 20 percent, you will start to cough and sneeze even more, and an animation will play showing that you are close to becoming a zombie like in Subnatica. Between 20 and 10 percent, you will start to cough and sneeze even more, and make zombie noises. Between 10 and 0 percent, you will start to cough and sneeze even more, and have zombie vision. Zombie vision will make the world around you have a tint of green, and will also point out players from 8.9 meters with a light green halo. Edit:The bad things about zombie vision is that you can only WALK. It will also make animal Smell you from a farther range. It will also leave a blood trail.

Eh? I guess?

I mean, I wouldn’t mind having more downsides to being infected. But only being able to walk and having animals smell you further away is pretty eh. Same with spotting players.

Visually turning your character green, and occasionally making noises which could reveal your position would be a nice touch. Not coughing and sneezing every 15 seconds, but commonly. Though the infection should drop much slower once it’s past 50% or else this would be pretty useless.

Bonus points for if your character turns into a zombie wearing all of your clothes, and carrying your items. I doubt it’d be possible for 3.0, but it’d be amazing to see in 4.0. Maybe you’d have to fight the remains of a survivor wearing spec ops gear to get whatever he had been collecting.

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Bonus points for if your character turns into a zombie wearing all your clothes

Sadly this won’t be possible if the player dies of infection outside of a navmesh. It would be pretty cool to see it in 4.0 though.

A problem with that idea though is that some naked could easily get geared quickly by just punching the zombie to death. A way to counter that is to have the items be contaminated, meaning they cannot be used or people will begin to get infected. A decontaminator can be crafted by players to clean the items.

Some possibilities to counter this would be making the survivor zombie a unique zombie, similar to flankers and spitters. Maybe they could act like a deadzone zombie? Just making them tougher than the existing special zombies, but not hard enough that they’d basically be a mini mega. Like more health, damage, etc. Something that makes them a fair challenge.

Players can still get geared quickly by looting someone else’s dead corpse, they still could, just if that dead corpse was the cause of infection then they’d have to go through more work. Contaminated items sounds like a cool idea, but I don’t think it’d work well with this. Players dying of infection isn’t really that common, and it’d just be easier to shoot them and take their clean stuff.

What if the character you use already looks like a xombie? XD
Making the xombie sounds would make you camoflauged and just get that lucky hit

But when the infection reaches 0%, you shouldn’t turn instantly. Your health starts going down, with your constant emitting of xombie sounds every 60 seconds. Once your health reaches 0% with your infection (also 0%), then you turn
Cuz xombies are dead people. It would only make sense

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Nice idea.

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