The Future of UII - How Betas/Demos Can Be Improved

Now, as some of you may have known, Nelson recently released a vehicle demo for UII in the form of closed beta keys to certain community members. One of these keyholders had a little conundrum which is best summarized here:

Now, I won’t make a comment regarding that specifically, but I think that while this demo was rather successful in getting valuable feedback, there really needs to be better communication to prevent mishaps like this from happening. Sure, it wasn’t strictly a rule to keep the demo on the down-low, but this could have been avoided rather easily.

Of course, as far as developers go, Nelson is extremely good with listening to the community and keeping in touch with them, but I think that an improved and more open level of communication would vastly benefit the quality of betas, as well as discussion on them, and therefore the community as a whole. Going forward, while the betas themselves should be kept within small test circles (to prevent misinformation from the majority of the lesser-informed in the community), there’s always room for Nelson to clear things up regarding our inquiries.

That said, you all better start asking him stuff, because this is the perfect opportunity to get some juicy information about his future plans. :wink:


Nelsons communication with the community is pretty good yeah. Pretty good balance of interaction and actually making the game which somehow is a issue for some.

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The video link got removed if there was a video link to begin with. So I can’t really say anything :confused:
But I will do my best to give proper suggestions along with reasonable discussions.

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The video got deleted afterwards, the thing is that an other user made a thread here with a link to the video.


This kind of behavior makes me sad, because now there is no way a random person like me could be invited to a test circle (Which as a game developer I would enjoy!). With great power comes great responsibility people.

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Will definitely be bringing more of you guys in soon! Mostly I was looking to get some initial feedback from a small group so that I could polish up the demo to make a good first impression.


This whole “get feedback before devlog” process gives me a lot of hope for the rest of the development of UII. Hopefully a situation like this doesn’t happen again :confused:


Okay that’s pretty cool. I hope you bring in people from multiple sides off the community. Some people who like PvP, people who like RP, people in between.


Maybe make the next batch of people have a “testing” server as well, so we can test out some bugs which may arise during multiplayer.


Yeah might be a good idea.

I know that first imressions are important and all, but here we are asking for the beta to expect mistakes like all beta versions have. Because there’s 1 thing we know, is that if there’s a bug, you’ll do your utmost effort to fix it. Unlike some AAA titles like Bethesda.

So when we go in, we don’t expect to have fun because it’s just a few mechanics. For me, personally, I enjoy finding bugs and reporting them because it makes me feel like I helped polish this game. Which is something Unturned is good at, being a community-driven game (for 3.x at least).

It all comes down to your personal choice at the end. But that is just my reasoning as to why the beta doesn’t have to be polished, but if you prefer the beta being polished, then all the better. You’ve done your utmost effort to make this game as amazing as you could, and we could not appreciate that enough as a community. Can’t wait till you decide to give out the beta for an extra number of people.


IIRC these servers already exist in UII right now.

Honestly, the keys would be good for people who have achieved the rank of regular on the forums. People who get this rank have shown that they’ve been actively adding feedback for the game, and would be the best candidates.

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yo nel if u ever need another tester…hmu

Actively participating on the forums*


I think he could be a bit more selective than that, considering that not all regulars are exactly mature or outstanding community members.


I know that there are servers already, but i’m saying that these servers should be used in the next beta. (unless they already are).

The current demo only has listen servers available to be ran. The full menu of stuff will probably be re-implemented by the time of the more open betas.

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