The hype is wearin off? (edited)

not sure if people feel this or no…but im not really feeling the same amount of hype I had about unturned II (4.x) to the point where I’ll take anything for a beta…
yes, nelson REALLY wants a good first impression and I have a feeling that first impression is gonna be the whole main map because of how long hes been working on it and everyone gave their ideas and things have settled to the point of “theres nothing to discuss about this game anymore” I dont know, I think the hype is just dead…what are your thoughts on this?

edit: I think the “hype” still exists but its just that we dont know what to talk about anymore in the forum.
we’ve milked most subjects now we wait for nelson to finish it (which I have no doubt that it’ll be good)


He is on vacation right now I think. He wants to improve 3.0 before he leaves it. And you can’t really be hyped until it’s close to being released.


He’s not on holiday as far as I know, he did say he is waiting until mid-August to start working on 4.0 again because he is working on some stuff for 3.0.

He was in PEI. Rn he’s roadtripping back to his apartment in Ontario, and then on the 15th to the 21st he’ll be in Calgary looking for a new apartment.

Oh yeah forgot about that one.

The hype is dead if the forum is actually scarce with discussions and barely any news comes from the dev for a while (Say, 2-6 months)

Atleast we’re getting weekly/fortnightly/monthly news right?


I’ve been hyping for Unturned II ever since I saw the first Devlog and I still am to this day and will probably stay hyped.
And once Nelson is close to releasing the beta, i’ll be extra hyped


i think nelson is waiting to long for a beta
ive almost forgotten about unturned in general
i know my hype for the game is over and done with

There’s no “game” to play yet. Not sure exactly what you’d do.


The, the hype is wearing off for me, and it’s unfortunate.

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hype isn’t wearing off, it’s just that school is out, so people are off doing there own thing, or working more.

I beg to differ. I’m still just as hyped with Unturned II as when it was first announced because I know, deep down, that Nelson always gets the job done. I don’t need to see a devlog or news to know that.

Also, the fact that any one of us here has the power to make such a dynamic change/contribution to the game is what motivates me to constantly do just that. Unturned is nothing without it’s community, as much as we may like it or hate it.


my point exactly

Well. Would you talk about something that people have talked about already?

The hype isn’t dead but we are just don’t know what to talk about it. (Besides suggestion about pet peeves. And several stuffs related to adding or improving something. But the discussion about “how would it look like” or “will it be 3.0 v.2” is slowly gone.)

He isn’t still planning to work on 3.x junk when he comes back right?
Hecking heck.

i mean i know Nelson’s trying to make the beta as good as possible, but it’d be good if he uploaded a small demo/tech demo, just to demonstrate the gun/weapon physics and controls

No, I don’t think so.
Ever heard of “first impressions are most important” ?
Sure he can satisfy a small amount of player base by early releasing the game while it’s still unpolished, but an even larger amount of people would either be disappointed or disinterested.
And that could then become a wound that’d never heal.
Also imagine a conversation: “Hey, did you check out that game that came out 3 years ago? It’s now out of Beta.” Or “Hey, did you check out that highly anticipated game that just came out?” Which game do you think sounds fresher and more worth playing? I’d personally choose newer, fresher game, where there is a lot to still be discovered and is also already polished over that game that became stale while waiting for it to be fixed and improved.
EDIT: Fixed spelling a bit.

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He’ll be working on Unturned (version 3) until the end of this month, basically.

RAM usage optimization, upgrade to Unity 2017, potentially a new set of cosmetics or two, a new timed curated map (most likely near the end of the month), and a couple other things.

This is basically Nelson’s mindset for Unturned II, except it’s being applied to every Devlog and other such teaser he puts out.

The ideal time to release the beta into the hype would have been a few months back, so it’s unfortunate I burned out and all of the other stuff which had to get done coming up.

My hope at this point is to be able to clear the runway for the last 4 to 4.5 months of 2018 for heavy 4.x development, and to gradually release the beta somewhere in that time. Ultimately I know the development of 4 will be across many years of iterative community collaboration, so I need to calm down. :slight_smile:


Its alright to take your time, my hype will never wear off… well at least till my heart stops from it XD

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