The Infection Spreads

Players that die to 0 immunity or die from a zombie in survival turn into the zombie type that killed them (dying to a mega or 0 immunity would just make a normal zombie), possibly wearing just there clothing making them more beefy if the player was wearing body armor.

Yes this would be weird to pretty much have to go back and kill your zombie self to get the clothing back lol


This is already confirmed and in the game. If you die in horde mode you turn into a zombie.


It would be nice to see you in survival mode too, find your “zombie self” with your items and that if I am not mistaken has also been confirmed.

I don’t mean like in horde mode, you wouldn’t play as a zombie you would respawn in survival and have to track down where you died and the zombie with your gear.

Pretty sure it’s still confirmed nonetheless


I’m pretty sure there was an old thread on this exact idea that was pretty nice, but yeah It’s probably already confirmed from what I’ve seen and heard.
An interesting twist would be if the zombies were able to wield any melee weapons you had equipped, similar to the occasional higher-level Biter that you’d find in Dying Light. They’d still drop everything as normal, of course, but…

Fuck it, immersion.

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What if you wanted to be unturned…

But the Turned said:


Haha turned go brrr


As others have previously mentioned, Turned versions of players that have all their gear are officially confirmed for future implementation.

In the current build of Unturned II, Horde Mode happens to have a similar mechanic where players that die respawn as zombies.

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