The issue with Siege

Just a heads up, this topic concerns the game Rainbow Six Siege, if you haven’t played it, this topic isn’t for you.

Siege has had lots of issues in it’s past, from hackers to bugs to Operation Health, the game has always had an uphill battle when it came to things early on it’s inception. But now we’ve reached a point where these issues aren’t as prevalent as they once were, which is certainly a good thing.

However, Siege now has an issue which it cannot seem to fix, an issue which has festered within this game.

That issue being dilution.

I joined Siege back in the Blood Orchid season, and it was a real struggle for me to learn the ropes of the game. The game does a better job than most at teaching you what to do, but my issue lied with operators.

I much rather preferred playing on the defense because it meant that I wouldn’t have to worry about Ela. Her firerate, her mag size, her speed, and her gadget made her a very broken operator that didn’t really have a counter when she came out. After a while, she was eventually balanced out to acceptable levels, and at the time I had thought that this was just a fluke when it came to Siege releasing new operators.

Boy was I wrong.

Time and time again, I have seen Ubisoft release new operators that were completely and utterly broken. Lion, Dokkaebi, Kaid, Maestro, were all completely busted on release, for the sole purpose of selling more season passes.

Which relays back to my main point, these operators are broken on purpose and diluting what Siege should have been, a tactical shooter.

Siege prides itself on being a rich tactical shooter, and while that may have been true on launch, it isn’t now. Each successive new operator has diluted the game more and more to the point that it’s not about actual strategy and coordinating with team mates and it just turns into another arcade shooter.

Which is actually quite sad, the game had potential. Potential that it won’t ever reach if it keeps on this path towards short term profits above all else.

Another great game, plagued by developers that are forced to do whatever the parent company wants them to do.


would you recommend the game on its current state?

Not if you play solo.

I would only get into it now if you have some friends that are willing to pick the game up as well or have been playing for a while.


I started playing right before they added jackal, and the game was super fun. Now it is only about runouts and spawn peeks, making it horrible for casuals and only fun if you are hyper-competitive, or playing with your friends. The game had so much potential, and they ruined it.


lets say im gonna pick it up for a friend that is going to pla y aswell,but every time he says that we should buy a game to play together he rarely plays after the first match not matter the game so yeah lets see im gonna play solo but why you say that? i know this game is kinda like csgo on that same topic

The only thing CS:GO and R6S have in common is genre. They are extremely different games, even down to a basic level.

For instance, R6S has a strong emphasis on environmental destruction, while CS:GO has virtually no destructible objects. R6S is operator-based like games with classes, while in CS:GO all players can use the same loadouts (given they are on the same team). In CS:GO you purchase your gear, in R6S you start with all of it.


i was telling it on the way that if you play solo queue you will find alot of toxic people and will be hard for you to progress on the competitive

This is true for most competitive games in general.

Either way, you should definitely keep in mind the buyer’s beware if you plan on getting R6S. Or find more friends to play it with. If you get the starter edition you also have your grinding cut out for you.


Siege was never a tactical shooter. It is and arcade shooter. Siege should have been like ready or not. Thats why i am very excited for due process.

btw VERY IMPORTANT the game has crossplay? you know pc players can play with ps4 players or friends

Nope, and zero plans for it to be implemented.

Also you may wanna do more research on the game by the sounds of it. (We’re also clogging up this thread.)

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oh shit my friend is on ps4,ok seems like my interest on playing on the game has lowered but its not much since when he says that hes gonna play he never does :griefer:

Sometimes I play good, and some times I just get overly angry at the game.

Siege early on was a tactical shooter, at least more so than it is now.

Back then, there wasn’t a plethora of mechanics to abuse; crouch spamming, peaker’s advantage, and operators that took no skill to play cough Lion cough.

It is clear from the ground up that Siege was designed to be played as a tactical shooter, watch some old gameplay or devlogs.

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Balancing operators is not straightforward. It will be very rare for an operator to release “perfectly” into the game. It will, and probably should, take multiple patches.

When balancing an operator (or any such similar content in other games), there’s not much to go on. You can put it down on paper, you can play-test it, and you can run the global stats against it. That’s it.

When you do that, you will have a range of potentially viable implementations. There will be a middle-ground, with some ideas that are bit weaker/stronger than others.

For the most part, any and all implementations will be based around the upper-middle -ground, and won’t focus too heavily on amplifying the weaknesses (unless it’s meant to be a core part of their gameplay).

This is important, because they don’t know how balanced the operator will be on release. It might be perfectly fine. It might be overpowered. What you would never want is for the operator to be under-powered. It is substantially more difficult to balance something that nobody wants to play.

So, by focusing on the upper-middle -ground, you’ll typically get an operator that’s at least a bit stronger than they maybe should have been. People will play the operator, and are incentivized to learn the character and give feedback on it. Later down the line, the Siege team can patch the character to more appropriate levels based on relatively-decent feedback they otherwise wouldn’t have gotten.

It avoids issues where you have to continuously keep buffing an under-played character until they suddenly become broken, and then you have to immediately revert most of the changes.

EDIT: The issue is when operators remain overpowered for a long time. It shouldn’t take longer than 1-2 months to balance out the character at least a little bit.

Blackbeard took, like, half a year. They don’t need half a year to consider feedback. That was silly. I wouldn’t go as far as to say they’re doing it to sell season passes though.

Season passes intentionally reduce the amount of people running around with the new character. Most of the good feedback will come from that first week, and then another few weeks down the line.

EDIT 2: And yeah, Operation Chimera where the OP-ness stands over the top. If it was that level of constant bad, then it’d be a problem. I haven’t messed with Nokk or Warden yet, but I don’t believe they’re that level, and I wouldn’t say any of the other operators released since then have been that bad.


Yes, balancing an operator isn’t a straightforward process, but some things are just inexcusable.

Ela is a good example of this, having virtually no weaknesses, an amazing gun, amazing speed, and an annoying gadget.

Which also reminds me that I didn’t bring up a point about how 3 speeds are infinitely better than 3 armor, due to the fact that headshots exist, and tanking an extra bullet generally won’t help you in an average firefight.

However the TTS server exists, and should be used to fix operators that are clearly broken after players have been able to play around with them.

This works for the most part, but for instance, Ela was left nearly untouched after having been shown what type of a monster she was in the TTS, same applies to Lion.

You also reminded me of a point which I didn’t bring up, and that is the rate at which new operators release.

Sure, people like receiving new content, but there comes a line in the sand where the game becomes over saturated and becomes even harder for new players to adapt to. I think this comic explains it pretty well.

Can’t disagree with this, iirc Lesion had this sort of effect applied to him at one point in time, but I think he was the only case of this happening. I could be completely wrong though :man_shrugging:

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i didnt knew you played r6 man

btw i want to talk about performance,i will have a rx 570 4 gb ddr5,a 8gb ram ddr4,and a ryzen 3,how much performance it will get(fps and stuff) and in which settings

I’m sorry I’m really not the one to say, but just judging from your specs your performance should be fine; and if it isn’t then lowering your graphics can always help :x

who you think can help with this issue? and if theres like some games were they give it free for a week so you can test it