The look of Unturned

I feel like unturned looks very happy. I would suggest giving it a darker tone like the game “The last of us,” as well as giving it life. For instance, newspapers on tables that you can pick up and read. Signs that can tell you where you are, and how far you are from a place, ect.


I think that newspappers should contain some lore like in ZombiU.

Unturned should get darker? Many players Play Unturned because of ther happy look. If you want a dark zombie-game, paly DayZ!

2.0 was very atmospheric, and Nelson wishes to return to that theme.


*If you want a crappy game play DayZ

(Jk you can like what you want.)

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2.0 atmospheric? Nice!

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Well yeah, it didn’t have these bright colors everywhere. Night time was a pain in the ass, not to forget the xombies that refuse to give up on killing you


They were also allergic to contact with water.

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This would be awesome, I really hope 4.0 has more of a 2.0 feeling too

But they stayed at bay and waited till you came back to land so you were fucked either way

Oh ofc. Starve in the water or get mauled by two dozen zombies since you ran through the town to get to the nearest lake. Even then if you killed them all you’d get shot by a 12 year olds with a kitted out Maplestrike for simply existing, so yeah you’d die anyways.

2.0 was full of good times.

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Not to mention the headlights that give you a visibility for up to 2 inches during the night. Do the headlights use toy car batteries or what?

I remember in 2.0 I once got a apc, was doing some stuff, and my apc exploded. found out it was a zombie that had wandered up during the night xd

From what we’ve seen, I think its more than safe to say we’ll be returning to a more 2.0 theme, which is fucking awesome.

So tired of how clean and bright Unturned 3.0 looks. I mean, even a somewhat post-apocalyptic looking map like Greece just looks extremely clean (even with broken vehicles on the streets). The roads are pretty much fine, the terrain is clean and bright, etc.


For the look: Nelson could add filters. One filter for a bright look like 2.x, one like 3.x, one darker… Filters should also can created and downloaded in the workshop. So every player could exactly have the look he want.

Yeah, no thanks. Players should all see the same thing.

Way too easy to make a filter in the workshop that would make certain things clear.

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