The military magazine cant be refilled in 4.0?

If the charcter is droping the magzine???That means that we cant pick it up and reused???Or we will have
an option to drop it?


You can decide to drop them and pick them up and reuse them. This has been confirmed for months and was one of the first things on the Trello.


So we are going to have fast and tactical reloads?

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Exactly. Not sure how it will work but it’s confirmed that a ‘slow’ and ‘fast’ reload will exist and each one will determine what happens to the empty magazine.


Moar Tarkoff tinns

So basically it’s a R to reload, and a double tap R to drop the mag for a fast reload?

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LOL almost 1 year since I made that post.

The necropost

IDK, it was on my main, not my problem
Not suggested, main

Suggested topics?

Not suggested, but the main page

WTF??? Thats more then impossible.

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Propable it s a bug are you using a phone?

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Yep (10 chars)

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