The more I play the worse it gets

My FPS is going down every minute I am in the game. When Nelson will finaly fix it?

@SDGNelson I am waiting for your investigations for like 5+ months. A lot of people have such problem.

He is currently working on the vehicle rework so it prolly wont be investigated for now.

I think problems with game is a bit more important.

Going to have to wait a bit longer I’d wager.
You are the first one to phrase it like this that I come across. Who is “a lot of people”?
Also 3.X still has a few memory leaks, chances are thats it (or just you PC dying due to thermal throttling, check if vsync is enabled).

Understandable, but I don’t think you feeling that way would warrant Nelson dropping everything he is doing to address your incredibly vague performance related complaint no?

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very little information here
i don’t think anyone has an answer when all you say is “im lagging pls fix” and nothing else

I wrote all useful info on github (here)

Ah, so a nothing burger. Go ahead, tag Nelson again, I am sure that’ll help.

Y’know, the whole ‘the more I play the worse it gets’ happens to me too, but more mentally than anything.


Nice one :slight_smile: