The new bikes need some tweaking

As of now not only can they explode- even though they contain no gas or any electric functions to speak of (that I am aware of)

You can press the shift key while idle which drains your stamina and does not make you move.

Zombies can’t attack you while the bike is at 0%

and finally, only high-cal weapons can damage it.

Edit: @danaby2 just reminded me that they have a battery but they are useless. I did mention that they have no electric functions before though :thinking:


The bike should also get some sounds because right now you can do an insane sneaki breeki base raid with them.

also y do the have a battery lol xd wed

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Oh yeah, they do have a battery, let me add that in xd

sir dont dirt bikes have an engine

No they don’t, dirt bikes have dirt.

forgive me sir i misread your post , forgive me for the correction

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Cool and good.

that’s probably a balancing feature to bikes, they are pretty weak in terms of armor so they make up for that by being silent and gasless

That just doesn’t make sense.
Bikes are supposed to have no gas because they are bikes, don’t think I need to explain that.

And they should have a sound because going at 40KPH does generate at least a bit of sound whether on grass or asphalt.

Similar “intensity” to walking/sprinting maybe?

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all vehicles need to be balanced, of course it would run off of stamina, however, there needs to be something that balances the fact that it’s super weak and leaves you really exposed.

You answered yourself, having them be super weak and leaving you exposed is what makes them balanced

the bike has a really big weakness, that being it’s low health and leaving the player exposed, at least make it quieter than most vehicles so everyone in town doesn’t hear you coming