The new editors, how can i use it

  • Devkit was overpowered because it had features missing from the regular editor, so two new level editors “modKit” and “BoxEd” have been added which combine some features and remove others, evening the playing field for beginners to the modding scene. Editing mods without re-uploading to the workshop first is no longer supported.

The new update text.

There i can find modKit and BoxEd and how can i use it?


i would also like to know???


You need to download the official boxED and modKit editors from a redistributable from nelson, atm its only for map makers and not in the actual game. Shoot him an email and he’ll let you know about the next steps you need to take


If Danaby doesn’t know, nobody does

I know jokes are significantly less funny when the joke-poster has to explain them,

…but all of the “Balance Improvements” were for April Fools’, and are not real.


ok heres real modkit and boxed for u guys!! :smiley:
i stole the link : (cool tutorial kek)
its from redit. com/r/meme :smile: enjoy ur usefull tools!

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