The original SPI


Was browsing through my email and I found a chart of the original Saint pete’s Island.

It was rather odd, but I had spent a long time on it. Oh well.

So yeah, you all get to see what that version would have looked like(sorta) if it hadnt gotten corrupted.


Post it on the workshop. Someone might play it.


no, it got corrupted. So nobody can play it. I just found the map cause I had sent it to myself for some reason.


I do remember just about everything about it though.

Thats the funny thing about making maps, you basically remember everything about the towns and such.


The topish middle where there are a bunch of squares in the water was a sunken city. I sorta made a reference to it in the new spi.

the largish island on the bottom leftish was a large military facility.

middle right was an amusement park, top middle was a large park by a city, and just under that was a town which had a large walled off city (it was quarantined)

Top left in those rocks was a secret-ish facility that had a ufo crash inside it.

The mountain in the middle was showcased in THIS video. (or well the train tunnel through it.)

lets see… I think it got corrupted around the time hawaii came out, but Im not sure, as those ships on the beach on the bottom right were those rusted out warships… though Im also positive this got corrupted long before Hawaii, so Im not sure.


vomits in Brexit



oi, this was the first map I had ever made. This was at least a year ago that it broke.