The problem with the load on the computer

I have an AMD 6700 rx graphics card, but every time I just go into Unturned, my computer starts making a loud noise and loads the graphics card by as much as 99% even with low settings, there is no such problem in other games, can I fix it somehow?

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Have you tried reinstalling the game?

Yes, I tried to do that

Have you also tried checking your gpu drivers?

I study computers and, of course, I know that everything is fine with my video card, I wrote in my comment that this is only with Unturned

Bro, I…
It is supposed to do that, in normal games that would mean you get the best performance your card can deliver. In 3.X it just bogs down your card.
Easy fix tho, just enable Vsync.


Wow, it helped me, and the load became less, damn, I didn’t know such a little thing, thank you, great cyborg

Wouldn’t it be better to just cap the framerate slightly above the monitor’s refresh rate. Would provide a smoother experience?

Idk, I never turn v-sync on in multiplayer games…

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