The Problems With Discord

As a long time user of Discord across various accounts, seeing a video like this is no surprise to me:

The irony is:

So much attention and so many mistakes will never erase the control these platforms have.
Not even a lawsuit or two has made it through regarding some things outlined in this video.

I take the video as a really condensed form of a good amount of issues within Discord so I recommend you watch it as it’ll explain things better than I ever could.

Just know that the platform founded for gamers is one of the most untrustworthy gaming sites to achieve such public popularity.

I hope that a lawsuit changes the landscape to ensure that the company holds itself up to better standards than what it currently is at.

Ultron saw the internet for 5 seconds and deemed it enough to end the human race


He could have just shutdown the reddit servers and all would be good

How about you see some beaches (preferably on a hot sunny day).

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