The reloading assets issue. (Disabling key binds.)

Ok one thing that kind of bothers me heavily with Unturned, and has for a few years now, is why can’t we unbind certain keys? Specifically and only speaking about the one for “refresh assets”? I tend to press it accidentally no matter what key I set it to, especially if I have it to default and I attempt to press the home button to hide my HUD and despite using it for modding, I would really like to disable it during gameplay so I don’t press it and have to wait while it reloads everything. Everyone I have talked to has also agreed that its really terrible that every time you just assign a new key to it, it reloads everything just through trying to switch it, I feel like maybe reloading the assets should not happen when switching the key, possibly by disabling it from happening while inside the key binds submenu. I nearly cry every time this happens and I’m surprised more people haven’t brought this up. (Maybe they have idk I don’t keep up with every post)



does this also work while playing on a server?

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Yea, when it happens you just have to sit there so accidentally pressing it can be quite dangerous in game.

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this is really weird because never in my life has this accidentally happened to me

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I’d expect this to be the same for all the options on that menu. For the others it isn’t as large as an interruption though.

I’ve never had an issue with accidentally hitting the key though, on my laptop I have to hold down Fn as well to use it so I can’t accidentally brush my hand across it when doing other things.

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