The "Server Owner Effect"

This Topic should have been taken up long time ago but i guess i need to be one of the first.

I’ve seen people changing a lot because of the what i call “Server Owner Effect”.

They usually start of with friends and want to make a server together but after a certain amount of time they change over time, this may be because they became successful or because they were unsuccessful.

I’ve seen the successful people hammering down on the unsuccessful “victims”.
The people that start a server(s) start with a reason. That may be just for the money, making a brand new community with friends or just to meet people and etc (there is to many to name)

There is many reasons why I see the “Server Owner Area” is starting to become toxic.

The more Successful Server Owners I’ve seen repeatedly harass the lower end server owner’s making them not feel welcome, just wanna stop hosting or just stop playing the game.

I’ve seen them destroying communities and raiding other communities repeatedly. They adapt strategies and even go so far as becoming/hiring an “undercover developer” to destroy the servers from inside out making them loose all data.

These people should get removed or resolved from the community ASAP. But how we can do that is another question. These types of people doesn’t help the community at all

Everyone should be able to play Unturned and do whatever they want to, its a free game for everyone to play for mature or younger audience(s)

It’s not me saying that the successful people doesn’t deserve the “fame, glory and popularity” since everyone have been working hard to make it successful. But there should be a limit what stuff

From my Host Experience the last 3-4 Years. I only had one of these experiences.
i have experience having someone destroy my community that I’ve been working so hard on is devastating, after that i wanted to just quit but i kept going until i could reach the very end. so i myself are one of those “victims”

The point of why i am writing this topic is To STOP Server/Community Raid’s and the harassment that affects the lower end communities

Tips from protecting yourselves from these people

• Do NOT hire/recruit any server developer(s) - try to do everything yourselves you can stay
• Try avoiding going with any sketchy “Partnerships” - Well if you know what your doing, go for it and if
not don’t
• Do NOT accept “out of the blue” BOT Developers - The dc bot can do whatever they want. So be
aware of this

• My main tip is to stay independent. Making your data and everything safe. How to setup servers alone and
more i guess. (This can be stressful so please don’t overwork yourself)

(This is what i found out and i am not the best with researching about this stuff)
From my research I’ve come to the conclusion from using (03.03.2019)
about 2150 (Not Exact) Server’s goes offline after their first month and the rest of the remaining 2300 servers stays up longer than a month. so about 40-50% of the servers just close.

this is just to show basicly “server survival rates” so about 1/2 of the server closes.


Ah, a racoon waifu pfp. I see you’re a man of culture as well. On the other hand, what I personally see as the “server owner effect” is that when you start running a server, you get power hungry and start abusing your power (guilty as charged).

The power hungry people usually have gone on other communities and started harassing other people or to take them down. Someone destroyed my “Customer/Friend” server of mine and i became enraged when i saw what has happened.

There should be a stop to this kind of acting and toxicity.

(Off-topic Raphtalia best girl)

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People ask me, what’s it like to be the owner of a server?

As the owner of a large franchise that isn’t exactly popular, I can definitely agree. There are definitely, in your terms,

People who own successful servers to sabotage others. @ForeverBlue was shedding light on this in a DM a while ago, in regards to two owners of big RP franchises. Claims that Ascivv (from ACK) and Modern Mo (from Modern RP) have harassed other franchises they deem as competition, and have directly tried to sabotage, create chaos on other rp’s, and have sent people to try and apply for staff to become moderator and ban everyone from the inside.

They sent someone to do that to my friend foxx’s server. They failed.

Persnal opinion that has to do with politics

Capitalists will do anything in their power to generate more profit. If they think your server franchise is a threat or competition they will harass, sabotage, ddos, dox, and whatever they can do to take you out. I’ve seen it before on Unturned servers, and it’s even worse on Minecraft.

Lookup the Morai Botnet story if you want a cool one. Two kids created an entire botnet, and instead of hitting the competing server offline, they hit an entire internet provider offline.

I already have a solution for these kinds of servers headed by such people and to protect players. These people come to Unturned just to get fame and flip a profit - they have no regards to the community or the game.


Political Opinion

Whatever will bring profit for capitalist server owners will be done, even if it’s a dick-move like attacking other server franchises

Theres some franchises like the RASF dedicated to helping other hosters out / help them develop stuff. Rather I’d advise you only trust credible sources like entire franchises or groups, not individual shady people.

Sketchy partnerships, I guess. Usually when I think of “partnership” I merely advertise another franchise. I’m not sure what your definition of partnership is. Maybe care to enlighten us? :slightly_smiling_face:

A lot of server owners making shitty, poor decisions, like renting a server. These owners are not dedicated enough to have a proper server so they make the poor choice to over-pay a hoster. Usually they run out of money - and as you observe, the server goes down. If not, they need to turn to P2W in order to pay for the monthly rent.

Either way, its a poor decision on the owners end, and the players end for playing a rented server. When I look for servers I specifically look for dedicated, home-hosted ones that will stay for a long time.

Since when did you own a server? :thinking:

Rain, i’d appreciate if you kept your ideals outside of the forums instead of saying
“capitilism bad xd” It looks biased and bringing any political view onto the forums is going to incite some sort of discourse/arguement against you.

I’d rather not get into a political argument, let alone is that allowed. OP’s post is a very opinion-based post, so I gave a very opinion-based response.

Thats why i’m saying don’t talk about politics and not expecting to get any sort of debate derailment in this thread. You can give opinion based responses without political ideals

Anyways, lets move on before i accomplish the thing i’m trying to prevent.

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