The skills will be in other places

I stay analizing and any other game (of survival well concepted) not have a system of skills like in unturned, in max a system to craft. and his dont have idea how hard is unlock the itens!!

but i stay viewing in unturned 4x the advantages stay in clothes!
a good clothe give less blood decal, a good armor give less damage per bullet, a good glove reduce the recoil and maybe increase the time of reload,

thinking in this style maybe the concept of skills stay abandoned and physic materials take the scene to new advantages


is just a think to discut why you think about this?


No offense, but your English is very hard to understand.

I want to make a comment on what you just said but I probably misinterpreted your actual point, so I’ll let someone else do that.


You want to remove skills and integrate game-changing perks into clothing/armor?

yes =D
(ten chars)

I’ll keep the skills, and have the armor perks (besides armor and space) be implemented slightly.

(Exa, juggernaut has slower draw time than a guy in standard clothes, but has higher punch strength, exa)

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