The Suicide


Pour le suicide je propose que au lieu d’appuyer sur la touche échappe et de clicker suicide et on meur comme sa c’est de avoir une arme a feu ou une arme a blan et sa viser la tête. On dois appuyer sur une touche prédéfinie comme la touche K par exemple pour le suicide

For suicide I propose that instead of pressing the escape key and clicker suicide and one dies like it’s having a gun or a blan weapon and aiming her head. We have to press a predefined key like the key K for example for suicide


We don’t want to give people ideas. : (


Oh look another suicide post that has already been discussed


A) Suicide has been super overdiscussed.

B) Why do we need a dedicated key for such a niche action?

C) There shouldn’t be an animation for suicide. It’d be too graphic, even for Unturned II


tf2 binds be like

bind e explode


Bind “K” kill


Put that in the tf2 console, then press k




Hahahaha “random tf2 kiddies trolleled”


unbindall for free ooze soul mate 120 key no dupe

le epic yarrrr has arrived

closed #11


Don’t know why people are making up ideas for a rather gruesome thing. Locked since it has been discussed too many times and being a very sensitive topic in general