The survival part of the survival game

I like how Project Zomboid handles survival mechanics, since it is a true focused survival game, but most of it wouldn’t really fit on Unturned, so I wonder what sort of addictions and changes would be better suited to improve the survival aspect of the game.

Even basic things like wooden structures being repaired with a hammer instead of the blowtorch, and biohazard suit actually protecting you from certain types of damage, could go a long way of making the game feel more fleshed out in that regard, the idea is to make the game make more sense, not more “realistic and complex”, just more intuitive and interesting.

What are you guys thoughts about this sort of stuff, and do you have any suggestions on that regard?

I don’t know if Nelson is already planning on reworking some of the survival aspects of the game, since he already seems to be reworking some other parts of the game.


Ammo needs to be way less common. Ranged weapons overall should be reasonably rare so you don’t just magdump every player you see (bows not withstanding). Basically worry about the survival gameplay after you have made (ranged) PvP a means to a end rather than a end itself. Once you have done that you can think about adjusted spawn rates, structure decay/repairing and the likes.

There is a community “problem” in that part, a lot of servers nowdays go towards 10/5x loot spawn rates, the community mostly focus on pvp, and I blame that in the fact that the rest of the game can be underwhelming.

Right now, mag dumping other people is what the playerbase likes about the game.

Giving a bit a love to the survival part of the game can allow communities of players that actually enjoy the survival with rarer guns, to form.

Honestly I agree, wooden structures should be repaired with an hammer

Most of the unturned’s crafting and other survival related systems are lackluster and ancient, that did’int evolve with the rest of the game, I know changing things without negatively affecting the existing communities in the game can feel like walking in a landmine field.

The recoil and movement reworks mainly affected the PVP community, that currently is by far the largest group of players.

But a revamp on crafting and other simple changes to survival part of the game, even if it is somehow miraculously controversial(hard to imagine anyway that could happen) the community it would affect consists of me and * counts numbers on finders * other 8, 12 dudes at most.

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Well, sometimes you can go to Off Limits on Yukon, spend some 30 minutes there on and off and it will barely give you any civilian ammo. Other times it will give you enough to fill 4 Viper magazines.

Nelson optimising & increasing the max size of navigation mesh (also increasing max amount of zombies that can be spawned on it).


Item rarities and other simple values are already something that can be changed in server and map configurations.
But any server that tries it withers and dies for the most part.

We need something additive rather than subtractive, something that increases the enjoyment for someone looking for a survival experience without undermining the already existing communities.

Talking about ammo, something that bothers me a little is how useless military pistols are for the most part, refilling their mags is often a waste of low caliber ammo.

One change that could be made is the addition of a new caliber for both Ranger and Military ammunition types. used in refilling pistol and SMG** magazines.

Rifle/primary ammo would naturally get a bit rarer since the spawns would now compete with the new pistol calibers, but it would not be as intrusive as not giving people any ammo at all.

** Except the ones that already use the military/STANAG magazines of course

Most people like to play on those high multiplier servers as it makes rare loot more accessible and making it less of a disappointment when you lose said loot as getting raided can be a real downer as well as having the constant thought in the back of your head even when not playing unturned if you are going to be raided.

+also increasing the radius of zombie’s hearing of gun sounds

following is changing the logic:

++ zombies can destroy destructable (Interactability Rubble) objects if they can’t ignore them on their pathfinding, same as barricades
+++ zombies have better pathfinding for barricades and structures. If they stuck on breaking door and there’s a path on ignoring it (from the left or right), they will go such path.

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Mixed feelings about that personally, while it is nice to not worry as much for your loot I also don’t find it exciting at all to be able to find rare loot everywhere, makes it pointless (for me at least) to go through the effort of fighting other players.