The Titanic II


Welp, apparently it’s actually a thing.
They’re making an exact replica of the original Titanic, and it’s setting sail in 2022, and is apparently supposed to sail through the exact same route that the original RMS Titanic did. I wonder what could possibly go wrong.
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the creator is regularly posting images of the ship under construction on his twitter, the hull is not even close to finished. how long does it take to make a 270m long replica steam ship anyway?


yeah, the dude who’s making it (Clive Palmer) is a real corrupt billionaire who’s done a bunch of dodgy shit in the past, so like, yeah


inb4 the same exact iceberg hits it


But global warming though.


Redcomm has a point

But it’ll probably be fine this time… Right?



Lucky for the passengers that global warming has probably gotten rid of any icebergs in that location. :thinking:


We got rid of icebergs but we got hurricanes.



The same iceburg crashes into the ship again.

Killstreak 2


You could have made a 28 Days later reference.