Is there a way to get 1 or 2 more themes? The light tehem is to bright and the dark theme is to dark xD :smiley:

There are only two themes. Light and dark. Adding other themes would not really make any sense.

Why would not make that sense?

Would you like to give ideas for other “themes”? And don’t just name random colors.

More color full with images of unturned, maybe Semi transparent background.
Its a unturned forum but dont looks like one.

It’s really meant to be a forum for discussion than a flashy, “really Unturned” forum like the Subreddit. Simple themes allow for more focus on discussion than unimportant matters.

I think the two current themes work fine, and those two are pretty standard tbh. If there was to be more themes added, I think adding individual palettes would make more sense than complete themes.

But I like using the dark theme. Looks good on Reddit, Discord, YouTube, here, and everywhere else! :smiley: I mean, if people like the light theme that’s fine and all… but I’ll silently judge you for it. :yellow_heart: Dark theme bae, need nothing else.

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Unturned need a new music theme , or an in game Soundtrack !

Sorry, but this isn’t the right discussion for that. Try 3.x or 4.x suggestions

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