There was that in 2.0, but it can be add in 3.0!

Hello, recently I have search 2.0 things there actualy isn’t in 3.0.

-Stone, for stone bases
-Metal Shield
-Branch Weapon (Drop by trees)

Sorry If I have used “Unturned 3.x” and that was the wrong categorie, because there is the both versions

I like the idea of a more tiered and expansive building system, but Stone = Metal. Same thing in terms of functionality, and in Unturned 3 there’s really no reason ever to use anything besides Pine and Metal. Brick is alright, but not worthwhile or efficient. Metal is Stone’s equivalent in Unturned 3, and if it was added as a lower-tier anyways it’d basically just be Brick-tier, wouldn’t it?

As for the Branch, having it drop from trees isn’t that useful tbh. :confused: If you chop a tree down you already have another better melee weapon. It was really only good for sticks, which you could get from logs. :frowning:

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It could spawn as an uncommon weapon under trees. Kinda like the civilian melee of the wilderness. If being knocked out is ever a possibility of 4.0, the branch could surpass most blunt civilian weapons with the exception of the bat, but still retain a reasonably low base damage.

As for stone, I wouldn’t mind it returning as a upgrade to pine, but a downgrade to brick. More building tiers is always nice as in the case of Rust being different resistances. But 4.0 would have to do a lot of building improvements for it to be used, same with brick and the lower tier wood buildings.

I think the best way of implementing knock-out (which I don’t like) would be you get knocked out when whacked by a blunt object until your health hate hits 0. So the branch wouldn’t work in that regard.

I wouldn’t mind resources spawning around randomly in general. Why does wheat not grow in the wild? :thinking: :frowning:


Actually, yeah. More naturally spawning resources similarly to berry bushes should be in the game. Maybe sticks can occasionally fall under trees, or spawn in forests. More stuff to forage and harvest. :+1:

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