Thermal Optics and Cameras

Ok so, I’m not sure if thermal optics and cameras are even possible in Unturned II but, looking at Escape From Tarkov they managed to make Thermals balanced by making them have a low refresh rate and a very, very high price, I think they would be a good addition as an endgame item, something you find only in excursions with an incredibly low chance or once you complete an entire questline, there could be varying levels of thermals, more common ones and rarer ones, have the most “common” (but still very rare) thermal camera have a range of 100-150 meters and the top tier ones as scopes that can reach up to 300 meters or more.

Some of the downsides to have them not be completely overpowered when found is, just like in EFT, are a low refresh rate and not very good image quality.

Let me know what you think.

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