Things from 2.0 (or non-official content) that should be in 3.0/4.0

Ah yes, the Battle of Trafalgar. The Royal Navy’s finest hour.

lets make it happen

@RainOfPain125 Definitely not that part.

@MoltonMontro can you direct me to a page that explains how to do mark up. Like colored text, larger text, making a table of contents on the left to easily navigate crap. Because I wanna make this way bigger

20 things I would add to unturned

  1. Guerilla warfare
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</ big>on each end for Big Text</ big>, [color=Insert Color ID] Example [/ color]

Big Text Example

No I remember something like <font-size=5> or something. Like I could actually specify a number. I made shitposts with wayyyy larger text than that before.

Really old post I made, but it has most of the generic markdown stuff: Making an Actual Guide to the SDG Forums - #10 by MoltonMontro

Table of Contents can be inserted from the extra options in the :gear: wheel as a topic OP (i.e., next to your build poll / blur spoiler, etc. options).


thanks danaby

you added shopping carts to the game


Good job @danaby2 !




This one is from California.
Bless Renaxon for adding carts and clue for placing them in editor.

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I would like to throw my horseshoe into the ring and say i miss how the shotgun shell system worked and the shell boxes

I feel like the problem of the current shotguns isnt the crappy range (though is part of it), but the general lack of ammo to be found- the only case of ammo being somewhat easy to find is PEI or an airdrop when you have a devils bane


I’m losing my mental sanity.

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