Things than i believe need change on unturned 4.0 (WIP)

That post go be insane large i recommend you close a quote and open the another to facility you understandment.


"In Guns
    1. Time to stabilize sight.
      If you pick a weapon with a Iron Sight and sight you go see than demand time to stabilize the sight perfectly, to stabilize the sight you need stay stopped or moving slowly Run shooting like a idiot its the thing most stupid than you go make except if you use one ACOG.
    1. Unstable sight.
      one time stabilized the weapon dont go stay fixed, the sight move slowly for one side and the another.
    1. Unstable sight when Shoots
      after many shoots its time to stabilize again.

In Crafting


In 3.0 the system of crafting works like a potato you get XP envolve in Builder and now you can make cars WTF!

  1. Blue Print System (BP System)
    A system to research and craft itens, at same time no favoring large groups and at same time no helping Solo players or small groups.

How that go work

1.1 The coin to pay for research
The research go had a “Standart Currency” (its the unique name than i imagine) Like scrap in game rust you need a quantity of this currency to research certains itens that demand time and another itens because you die in process to get more.

1.1.1 Balance to research
After find a item you go need research him, go suppose than you find a gun a M16 its a weapon really good but for being really good your cost to research not its much friendly but you pay and research and the M16 its destroyed on process.

1.1.2 The key to not favor
Now the part more irrealistic of this post,>> BP Uses << , yes you work harder to get the blue print but now depending of iten its just possible make 5 itens of same or more or less deppending of iten.

1.2 “blueprints, things than you need Know”
1.2.1 - Go be possible stack up blueprints like 100 M16 BPs.
1.2.2 - Just its possible make a item if you have the BP on a craft table.
1.2.3 - Don´t its possible copy a blue print you need make the gun to make the BP.

  1. Compounds
    The base for everything

Things like metal sheet, Canisters, Explosives, Chemicals.

Common items but need be researched, logic you need research go drop more blueprints for a low cost.

  1. Workbench
    That go be the key to make and research everything, workbenches have Levels than turn the bench better, in many aspects but the cost of that increase exponentialy and the advantages go together decreasing.

3.1 Repair
Repair go be possible from any item same without blueprint but you go need a workbench.
When you repair the item This item get a “Irreparable part” for example i repair a item for the first time. and the item return to my hands just with 50% of Effectivity and a irreparable part of 50% its impossible repair more than 50% of this item now.

This tax go reduce with workbech upgrades in this logic

XXXXXXX ---- Repair Effectivity/ Cost to upgrade
Work Lvl 1 — Impossible / 50 Coins
Work Lvl 2 — 50% / 100 Coins
Work Lvl 3 — 25% / 200 Coins
Work Lvl 4 — 12,5% / 400 Coins
Work Lvl 5 — 6,25% / 800 Coins

Things than need know Its impossible repair 2 times in a workbench lvl 2
4 times in a lvl 3
8 times in a lvl 4

Because the item go be destroyed by tax of effective repair

3.2 Workbech HUD
When you click in workbench had 5 options in a circle

  • Workbench Upgrade
  • Research
  • Crafting
  • Repair
  • Stock (its just the place to place your blueprints)


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Please edit my post because english don´t it my first language

that’s alright

You call this “insane large?”

Those are called ‘weapon sway’ and ‘recoil’, respectively. Suggested already.

I totally disagree on this. Research should be made at manual essay/error practice as the slow way, and finding and reading ingame books and manuals as a slightly faster way.

Ofc that would need practice and time too, to avoid exploits and to not allow anyone becoming the jack-of-all-trades by just spending 10min at a library.

I didn’t get that much of the rest of the post, but when it comes to weapons technical upgrading, you’re gonna need the specific weapon’s parts to assemble and the right tools to perform the task, instead of these 3.x-esque materials:

And also, another big disagreement:

Having better workbenches should allow you to craft more advanced stuff once you make the pertinent research. This shouldn’t have any downsides nor increase of costs of any kind except for the materials needed to craft/repair certain items, which consequently will be scaling up on tiers, hence also in rarity.

Repairing costs should rely on the materials/replacements/tools required for such repairs, and not in a sort of currency. Also, workbenches should be designed so they increase repairing speed and quality, yet these factors not being fully dependant on the workbench nor its tier, but mainly on player’s experience and knowledge on the item to be repaired (skills system involved).

Also, the amount of times you can repair an item should be determined by default stats rather than by workbench tier, since you could replace broken parts instead of fixing them, and some repairable items could take heavy enough damage to not be able to work anymore, no matter how good your tools and repairing skills are.

Upgrading stuff should require the player to have knowledge in a respective field:

  • if clothing: tailor/dresser experience
  • if guns: gunsmith experience
  • if metalworks: smelting/smithing experience
  • if structures: builder experience
  • if electromechanics: engineer experience

And the list goes on…

Also to not mention that requiring currency for guns upgrades are dumb thing, because the avg. person with no gunsmithing knowledge could rather break the gun and you can’t just have a gun magically enhanced by paying out to the workbench genie.


Can we just keep things…simple?
I understand crafting is pretty easy.but simplicity is what makes unturned…Unturned
maybe we should add a workbench mechanic but RESEARCH?
Running around looting can already be a boring process for some.I don’t wanna have to spend more time doing this type of stuff instead of getting some action in.

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@AtomSplinter pretty much covered what I was going to say.


Dear GOD, no. This is a survival game, not a mobile freemium base builder. We don’t need a nonsensical currency to have to grind for no apparent reason. Also, you say that you want to not favour groups, but Rust has a reputation for doing exactly that - groups in Rust are ridiculously OP and solo gameplay is virtually impossible. It’s a really bad example to use.

I just generally disagree with the entire research section of the post. It seems like a direct rip from Rust, which is far from the realistic/hardcore survival that Unturned II is aiming for.

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I think research should be a mechanic that’s based on an intellect skill.

I could make a post on it, for tomorrow.

“Post is too long so it must be good” - Danaby2
A bit difficult to understand what you’re saying 100% of the time. Take your time with writing, I recommend shoving your text through Grammarly. It might make a few errors but you will at least be mostly clear. To make it more clear for those who are reading I’m going to attempt to reword what you’re saying, so at the very least people understand where what I’m saying is coming from.

@AtomSplinter got to this before I did most of his points I agree with.

This kinda reminds me of Fortnite’s First Shot Accuracy. While I do like the shooting model in that game (for the most part, fuck bloom) I don’t think it’s a bad idea to propose that Unturned uses a similar system.

If we have a system like First Shot Accuracy, then yes. 100% giving players even the most minute info that could potentially assist them is something we should be doing regardless. (Sorry for so heavily rewording this but I honestly couldn’t rework the text in a way that kept it similar to the original.)

Yeah sure.

So like what we already have? Yes the system could use a lot of reworking in order for it to not only make more sense logically later on (though most games ignore logic later on)

“They always sensible with combining a rock with stick to create stick with rock on the end, but sooner or later you end up mashing together two mushrooms and a piece of discarded tinfoil to create a magazine-fed 5.56mm Colt AR-15, which you then rub on a small pile of turds for a second to add the optional holographic sights.” -Yahtzee

And making a system that doesn’t favour large groups is impossible. If you have a group of 10 people, how are you going to give them a disadvantage? they have 10x the manpower of a solo. Solo and small groups will always be unable to keep up with larger groups.

(I stopped trying to fix English here, Grammarly didn't though)

Okay, so what your saying is we spend “Coins” on researching, which we can then use to get blueprints, which can only use a certain amount of time before you lose access to that blueprint… Earlier you stated that you wanted a system that dosesn’t favour large groups. This system directly favours large groups. A larger group is going to have more “Coins” and thus more blueprints, if someone’s blueprint breaks, no problem. You have 9 other team members that have the same blueprint. Solo players wouldn’t have the luxury, but then again you said we aren’t trying to help smaller groups so I guess it’s not a problem.

I really don’t like this system so far. It’s a worse system to what we already have and makes base building really frustrating, due to the fact that you would keep losing the blueprint for cutting logs.

I like the gun suggestions but as to the crafting I think that it’d be much more interesting if you needed the right material to repair and build because you would have to choose where to scavenge for the right stuff.
As to gaining crafting recipes I think you should be able to craft some things by gaining skills and some with blueprints found in the world(or both)

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