Things that NEED TO HAPPEN

Im not saying theyre really common but 1, what servers do you play on because the ones I play on almost never have cars, and 2, the infection was supposed to be a sudden thing that people couldnt prepare for so they all got wiped out.

There is something called cosmetics that you can wear when you play; You get them every day or so from the main menu as item drops.

Something called unrealistic mutations (take a look at unturned and you will see more of that with zombies, I would assume it is unturned’s style)
EDIT: also the caps makes it sound more of a rant than suggestions.

I just want to correct a few things.

You actually don’t need power. In Unturned we siphon gas out of it into a gas can, we’re not pumping it out like normal non-apocalypse people would.

Rather than mess with the pump, people would have to open the manhole-like tank covers that go to the actual fuel tanks under the parking lot.

At that point you’d need a way to get the fuel out from the tank itself, but I’m sure you could manage it. Ice pick and a bucket to the bottom of it, hand pump and a hose to the top of it?

…or just get electricity going to the pump, that works, yeah. Whether or not that should be required to siphon from fuel pumps though? I’m not sure if it’d add to the experience. Maybe if vehicles were more useful overall then it’d be needed as a balancing mechanic. You could probably still get away without having to pay though.

Some food/drink items, yeah. There’s notable exceptions. Most drinks probably won’t kill you, and canned goods are, of course, quite good at not expiring.

I don’t know what gum would add to the game if it was added, unless you’re referring to the chewing gum in Unturned 3 that makes you explode.

Depends on how far into the apocalypse. Far into the apocalypse then anything is a camp, and any type of loot could theoretically be found anywhere. As a gameplay mechanic, it’s nice for consistency and convenience like this. Plus, it gives players a reason to visit the location rather than just go to otherwise abandoned camps for every item.

There are, just not enough of them in Unturned 3 imo.

Hawaii is weird.

“No viola.” :wink:

We don’t. In singleplayer, you spawn with your skillset’s clothing preset. In multiplayer, servers can choose to spawn you with any gear they’d like.

Personally, as a gameplay mechanic I’m fine with spawning entirely naked. Gives less of a reason for me to be KoS’d, and it gives purpose to otherwise garbage items like prisoner clothing. Maybe adding a lore reason with dimensional portals would make more sense.

Maybe we (the players) come from an alternate dimension, and that’s why we don’t die terribly like everyone else did, and why we don’t really have any memory of the surrounding locations or NPCs that we probably should’ve kinda known before the apocalypse.

Fair enough. Could say the same about a lot of things, but fair enough.

There are already systems in place that allow for this sort of thing in Unturned II. We will most likely be able to loot the trunks of destroyed cars.

Vehicles just need a rework in general.


no violin*


Nitpicking 100


What Yarrrr said, personally im waiting for Unturned II to actually come out before making anymore suggestions/rants/drunk morning posts

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Acktually gas pumps itself doesn’t require credits cards as a way ofpayment. Most of them just have button and dials for the employee to punch a number for the amount of gas being dispensed.

Unless it’s EA’s gaspump then yes.

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oh man

I forgot about places where people don’t pump their own gas

Do those states just instantly die off in the apocalypse?

Like, it’s an off-topic thought, but RIP them tbh. I don’t think you were even referencing places like that.

I’m very confused by this thread. I can’t make out if it’s a 3.0 rant, suggestions for 4.0 or just a random blast of energy and anger before he fell on his bed and fell asleep in an instant.



Okay, getting gas out of an above ground tank or out of a vehicle is possible with no power, but you NEED a working pump for a gas station because it pulls gas out of a very large tank buried UNDERGROUND. To siphon something, you have to use a hose to move a liquid from a higher container to a lower container. If you raise the container you’re filling, the liquid will reverse direction.

Molton’s got the right idea.

I was referring to “other tanks” as in more prominent fuel containers such as those of vehicles sitting in the open.

Typically, those would be the first to be drained by previous escaping survivors during the initial cataclysm or whatever.

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It was mostly for so you would have to use a credit card or something to pump gas. I dunno.

If I can find orange juice that’s still drinkable, on hard, that is not realistic.

Tbh, I was in a gas station at the time, and there was an over abundance of him there. So yeah xd


I’m glad you agree.

Can someone send me a picture of the f2f heavy saying thank you?


Huh well wouldn’t that still require power for it to pump out? Well anyways, whatnot said also makes sense. But it would probably already be all gone by the point we get there. People would have siphoned has out of there like bonkers once they saw that the military couldn’t contain the virus. Ect. Ect.

Yeah, they can’t get no gas.

It’s a combination of all of those, but I didn’t go to sleep, and only got 4 hours of sleep last night, and just got off from a 14 hour drive.

Likely people would have already siphoned those because they were easier to access. The more hidden places would be the places that still have fuel. Unless of unturned UP is based long enough after that plain gas has gone bad, then your screwed.

@Yarrrr @GreatHeroJ this is a combination of a rant about 3.0 and ideas for 4.0.

I understand that reference and I don’t consider bloody handwriting on a wall bloodstains. Or broken doors as also, sorry for so many different replies everyone. My brain is really just dying rn.

Besides EA gas pumps.

Can we talk about why vending machine gives away free drinks?


Oh man I want to go on a rant about that now.

Actually, you don’t. To make gas leak you have to turn switch ir something like that.

What for? In the apocalypse any sort of financial/banking database would just be gone. If we’re talking about a still-apocalyptic and un-rebuilt civilization, then don’t think about building and programming that database back up.

There may still remain some empty (and/or maybe damaged) gas cans at gas stations.

I do hope those are of use in UII.

Everything else, I agree.

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Actually the reason has pumps work is because well, the pump. A d pumps use electricity. Holy came up with an alright way to counter this. so whatevs