Throw objects?

I’ve suggested that in the past, but it’s been so long since I think it deserves to be replenished.

melee weapons with knives, axes and hatchets can be thrown by pressing the V button while holding an ax or knife, this will make the character ready to launch the weak attack makes a quick launch but does not go far the strong attack is slower but the ax or knife goes further…

I thought that the launching of melee weapons could be a special skill of a great tree of abilities.


Not really…? Unless you bring new ideas to the table, there is no real reason to revamp a post.

I would be fine with actually being able to throw anything, making it possible to throw weapons to players.


So firearms in the safe mode with the weak attack give blows and with the strong attack they thrown I found a good idea…

I’ve suggested the same plenty of times. Throwing mechanics should allow players to throw items to other players with modular strength, so you can either throw to pass it to them or to hit them with it, in the case of small rounded items, like small rocks, baseballs, snowballs, eggs, fruits, etc.

@anonimoanbu not sure what you said, but no: knocking out people by throwing guns to their faces shouldn’t be a thing.


no, in the movies when the guy picks up the gun and gives a hit with the gun hilt? it is.

So you mean bashing with the gun’s stock? I’d totally agree with that, but it ain’t the same as throwing.

the translator does not collaborate, I was forced to express myself by drawings

please do not mock my drawings in the paint I know they are bad

I got carried away

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Exactly (sort of) what I said, lol.

And try to not get carried over, we have enough with Pesky already.

But this is not thow you held with your hand and carried out the blow and continued with the gun in hand.

So yeah dude…

It’s fine.

It would be funny if you were in a gun fight with another player and you got the killing blow with a fucking tomato.

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Hey, that racist! What about black weapons like an m4? (/S)

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Minus the “throwing a gun at someone results to knocking them out” thing, I’m down with this idea. Maybe perhaps make certain objects have an effect when thrown? I can imagine players being able to throw glue at an enemy which will have a 25% chance of splattering them with the contents and applying a nauseous effect on them similar to the ones when you consume a berry (but that sounds a bit too OP, maybe just refine a little to make it work).

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