Timber reloading

So basically, You don’t load the bullet after reloading an empty mag in [Timberwolf]. It’s fine for partially emptied or full mags.

Have you ever used a gun my guy? The bullets from the magazine dpnt magically appear in the chamber after you reload after an empty mag. The bolt has to be cycled to get the bullet into the chamber. This is the same for the eaglefire, except the animation does this automatically, while you have to do it manually on the timberwolf.

(Eaglefire needs to be fixed to where you cant shoot until the reload animation is finished)


Yes, I used it, but the character started shooting without cocking after reloading an empty mag

Thats opposite of what you said before… So what do you mean?

so basically, you want to shoot an empty gun?

So basically, i have to learn how to speak

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