Timed Curated Map Objects need to stay

My title explains all. After Bunker Arena was released, a shocker came when the assets weren’t accessible. While the reason was obvious why, the fact that this is so with Romelete’s UK, an insane map with tonnes of objects made specifically for others to use, upsets me and many other map makers dearly because of the wasting of objects. @SDGNelson What I ask of you is to keep at least the objects/items from timed curated maps so others can use them in their maps.


where is this Romelete’s Uk map, Im pretty sure its not a timed curated map?

It’s infos are only being posted in steam and some discord servers.

Regardless of whether or not UK is actually a timed curation: the problem is the fact that a ton of objects are being bundled with it. Loading times would suffer dearly for a realistically one-time use object. If you didn’t use workshop maps then you’d miss out on actually ever using them again, and it’d just be a waste of space.

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It is timed curated because it is an insane sized map.

Well, according to my sources another large survival map which is accepted (not at the liberty to say which) is also timed curated, which sucks.

Yeah true, however there could be a lot of assets that would be useful for future curated maps.

Curated maps have to use vanilla content or their own content, and curated content cannot intertwine with official content (and likely cannot even intertwine with other curated content unless it is by the same team). It’d only be useful for Workshop modders, so it’d really be better as a Workshop download instead.

Hm, I didn’t know that other curated map projects couldn’t use other curated assets? Just asking, can you give me some solid evidence to prove it?

Romelete didn’t ask at the time, but Vilespring (France) says this


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You’re not in the know about this, the UK map has been in the works for quite a while and there’s a very strong chance it will be an upcoming timed curated map given that we’ve already contacted Nelson on the matter.

You don’t need to mock people about something you know even less about.

oh… welp better go delete that