Tips for good terrain?

So i know how to use the tools in the editor but what are some general guidelines for good terrain?

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Damn nobody answered :frowning:

Guess nobody in the unturned community can make good terrain :stuck_out_tongue:

can’t you just look out your window?

No im a gamer, i barely even know what a window is

In all seriousness i am looking for genuine tips

well I would just say taking a look at other games that have in your opinion got good terrain or as I just said going outside and seeing how nature created the vast landscapes of green fields and forests and at the very last incorperating how we affect this landscape as humans due to us needing roads and ditches and etc.

id say look at some of the curated workshop maps
it really depends what type of map you are trying to make, like what sort of geography it takes.

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