Tips for the vehicle vrum vrum

Fall of the vehicle.
If the vehicle hits somewhere the player can be thrown, this already exists in several old and new games.

In the case of motorcycles when overturning the player also falls can be hit by the motorcycle

Shooting the tires of moving vehicles makes them roll over depending on the speed.

Seat belts
Cars may have safety belts that prevent the player from being thrown from the car in beats (maybe airbags, I think I saw this in Trello or in old posts but always worth remembering)

Being hit by a car at low speed makes it go over you, at high speed you are hurled over the car.

Bulletproof glasses.
Swap windows and the front and rear glass of the car (find machines for fabricalos?).

Engine and tank shots make flammable oil and gas leaks (do not smoke near it).

Now something quite annoying is the car being surrounded by zombies and then blasting clear the vehicle must be adversely affected when being surrounded but that does not make sense.

Choosing the level that the car’s glass can go down an example, holding it for longer makes the car’s glass come down totally and for less time makes it go down in half.

air conditioning in cars more chic make the character thirst more slowly in the summer that is hot.

You my sir, speak a tongue which is perhaps comparable to the dialogue spoken by the NPCs on the Unturned map “Carpat”


what do you have with Carpat NPCs

Blowing out tires rarely rolls vehicles over. 99% of the time the wheel itself will start to take damage due to deflation of tires.

Oil and fuel cannot be lit without a spark or flame. Incendiary weapons could do this no problem but as for a regular 7.62 or 5.56 doing the same you’re gonna need a miracle.

Rest of the post is a bit complicated gameplay mechanics-wise but I could see some of those being features later in 4.0’s life.

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It’s kind of out of the question but can you tell me how to activate the Regular badge? I was after I disappeared I activated again but disappeared again I forgot how to do it

You can select titles in Preferences page.

so it is> references page and more what? no titles appeared

title the word

I think I lost that emblem :frowning_face:

he uses google translate unfortunately.

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