(Torchlight II / Warhammer 40K: Rites of War) Free Games Thread

new game new name!

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More free games.


epic games store

no thanks


thank you for letting me know about these games and despite the fact that they’re not on my preferred game launcher i will stay open minded and give them a shot.


How can steam not be your preferred game launcher smh, I hope you already got your free copy of Kao the Kangaroo: Round 2 on steam :triumph:


dude i hate steam you cant trust them american companies they all steal your data and install virus on your pc (that’s what i heard on r/gaming at least, never bothered to research it myself tho)

but i’ll do anything for Kangaroo: Round 2



Don’t Starve Together is free for 5 days. You can play it for free for the next 5 days, but after the 5th day you’ll need to buy it in order to continue playing.
I first got into this game because something happened a few years ago, the game was free for 3 days and I liked it a lot so I eventually got it.

It’s a top-down survival game with a pretty shitty learning curve admitably, it’s hard and you’ll die a lot but that’s part of the fun, especially with other people.

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https://www.gog.com/forum/general/own_the_witcher_3_wild_hunt_on_pc_or_console_claim_a_free_copy_with_gog_galaxy_20_fb43f (You need to own it on another platform)

Copped Witcher 3 for free since I own a physical copy on PS4.

edit: If you have a console, you can borrow a physical CD from someone and GOG will still consider you own the game.


Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition is free to keep on Steam.


Killing Floor 2 is fun, especially with friends. The skins in the game are trash and break immersion though, but I highly recommend you play the game, especially now while new players with no skins so you can get better immersion in the gritty world of KF2.

killing floor 1 graphics were scarier and more immersive cough


Since Raieus gave his opinion on KF2 I’ll say some of what I thought about Lifeless Planet.

The story goes through the history of what happened on this mysterious planet through a series of brief logs. You get to learn how exactly the Russians managed to colonize this planet long before you were ever capable of arriving and early on, you notice that the colony’s fate didn’t end up so well.

It’s more of a walking simulator at times but you’ve got a few simple puzzles every now and then. There’s a somewhat interesting idea behind it but the game really could benefit from a recreation. If you’ve got five hours to screw around then it could be worth trying out if you’ve got nothing against poor graphics.


Ew fantasy game​:face_vomiting::face_vomiting:

ngl warhammer 40k sucks ass

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