Toxic Community

I’ve lately been having a break from Unturned due to RDR2’s release, Bonework’s release and new GTA heist. But i just came back from my break and the first message i recive is this:

So my question is: Have the Community been this toxic for a while and ive just avoided it or is it the “new” playerbase?

“toxic community”

gets shot and killed in a game where PvP exists prominently

If you thought this was toxic, I don’t really know what to tell you. If anything it’s far tamer than what I’m used to seeing in servers, and even survival games as a genre.


Siege is worse

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SnaXD you are the definition of a person who gets offended at small things

I’m sure everybody on this forum has seen a more offensive and garbage chat





lol toxicity has always been a thing in unturned, from when I started to now.

You’re acting like a overly radical Christian mom.


are you cursing?
on my unturned roleplay server?

@SnaXD to party

Not only that but he and everyone should know that, literally there is no incentive to not be toxic online

Complaining, being upset, getting mad at people who kill you and taunt you, is a total waste of fucking time. The people who are making fun of him in this forum? They have no reason not too, this is literally how the internet works

(terrible joke lol)

get gud bruh

how bad


The images provided is like ‘Minor inconvenience’ level of toxic.

Not only underwhelmed, but disappointed by your findings.


“I expected nothing and I’m still disappointed”

tfw we can all probably find someone trolling/being toxic and it’ll be way more entertaining then this

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I’ve heard more toxicity in playgrounds when I was a kid tbh…

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These images was just an example. I often experience Toxic “kids” in this game.
This was just the example i could come up with atm. Last time i played unturned the chat useally went with people talking and actually having fun and talking between teams.
Sorry if it was unclear.

I was also just wondering how come 7/10 5yo with 2gb of ram is sitting and calling me a dumb nigga and i should hang myself in the ally? xD

Yea well your examples were shit


Because you respond to it
Also what the fuck does ram have to do with hanging a picture in a ally

He was posing with the ram for the picture