Tracking Point weapon system

Thought the video was cool.

Why do I feel like I’ve seen this before…

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For 4.X? really unnecessary
For a mod? not one I’ll be installing

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Hmm… Tactical Spotting Scope / BORS

In an actual critique items that actively lower the skill ceiling are generally bad for games. If modding allows things like this to happen, they will, but you cant really balance something like this effectively, without just making it hard to get via loot barriers.

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I’ll pass on this one.

This lie is called marketing!!

I’d rather have a bump stock than this

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Its because the same guy posted the same scope a while back and it was shot down.

I still think this is a terrible idea.

Aside from being a terrible idea for a game, it’s a pretty cool IRL concept. Not to mention that automated weapons systems already do this kinda thing.